Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Theatrics at the Wagah Border

A few metres ahead is Pakistan. In India, a stampede precedes fast filling up seats to watch the Border opening ceremony
at the Attari - Wagah border near Amritsar. Indians, being the enthu cutlets that they are are jam packed in the seats. The Pakistani side is still more than half empty.
Punjabis in bling dance to patriotic songs. Girls run up and down carrying the Indian flag. The border between the 'enemies' is about to open.
In a display of tourist over enthusiasm - if aggression, the crowd screams 'Hindustan Zindabad'. The crowd on the other side now suddenly alive screams 'Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan'. (Long Live Pakistan).
The Indians boo.
Our soldiers open the border , go across and shake hands rather violently with our Paki pals. The crowds on both sides are competing on who can out do each other in their cheers and their loud music.
I suggest to my friend that maybe I should scream 'Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan'. She looks at me with immense regret for ever having befriended me.I assured her that it was academic interest in the consequences but she told me sensibly that academic interests shouldn't be fatal.
Above, a few parakeets,my favourite animals in the world flew screeching across unaware of the mayhem below.
And then we sat on a roadside dhaba and ate the best maggi on earth with hot sweet milky chai.
Pictures and posts on The gorgeous Golden Temple coming up.


cwlq said...

I can't believe you went to see this retarded tourist bullshit. This type of thing is so asinine. Much better to stay in the golden temple and study the Guru Granth Sahib with the nice music.

Y? said...

I cannot deal with your psuedo Sikh fantasies especially because your holy kanga is lying in the garbage pile of some random indian girl you vaguely knew and rarely think about man .
And have you heard of academic interests? In fact my interest in the Wagah border is similar to but PURER than your interest in Sikhism.

Also, i know that you looked up the spelling of Guru ...on Wiku