Sunday, March 07, 2010

Chai Vai, photo voto , kite shite

I’ve told all the bleak bleak stories about being here but then actually 99% of the time I am actually just laughing a lot and being offered a lot of great food so I have to represent that here. 
Marie and I went to Shika’s house yesterday. Shika teaches English at the school as does her older brother. It’s this beautiful many storeyed house from the roof of which the view is very Welcome to Sajjanpuresque.
She offered us many plates filled with homemade namkeen – bhujiya and all types of yummmmmy fried dals and gujiyas which is this holi sweet I’ve discovered. We then (tried to) fly kites.
Her cousin from Delhi was there too and soon we were all chatting like chaddi pals. All of us girls – one each from Anoopshahr ,Delhi , Bangalore and Washington DC. There was this point when our conversation was exclusively about skinny jeans, wide leg jeans and fat! Sometimes, girly talk is so universal.

Today we went to three villages for collecting information for making profiles of all the students. We drank like THIRTY buckets of chai and eat lots of samosas and sweets and whatnots. Also crossed a ravine of mean looking but mostly just lazy buffaloes . Fun happened .

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