Saturday, March 20, 2010

The fall of the sparrow

I remember birds because I was at Rishi Valley . I forgot them for a while till I came to Anoopshahr where birds burst in many colours from the wheat fields and the trees. Parakeets, hoopoes, drongoes, kingfishers, sun birds, sparrows, peacocks dancing on any random dusty Tuesday afternoon. Sparrows are dying. Can you build a bird feeder in your balcony?

Today is House Sparrow day. Do you remember birds?


cwlq said...

WTF does this mean? Do I remember birds? That birds exists? What does it mean that you forgot birds? You have a pet Polly! This post is nonsense.

cwlq said...

Thanks for approving my comment.

Y? said...

hahahahahahahah rofl. polly is practically a human man. and i mean birds as an element of daily imagination. they disappeared so silently.