Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Government schools





I went into a government school today and announced to the teacher that I am a journalist.He looked as if he would have a heart attack.He quickly opened and shut registers while explaining to me details on enrolment, attendance and staff. He said 50 students are present out of 57- I got up and went into the class to count. I first clicked candid pictures and then he came and yelled at the kids as seen.Here’s what I saw – in the school and later in the village.

The mid day meal is a huge success in luring kids to school. After the meal, they all run back home.
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cwlq said...

At least the teacher was there even if he wasn't teaching anything. I'm a little bit shocked that they don't have chairs, though. Is that because of embezzlement or are chairs and desks considered a luxury for schoolchildren?

Y? said...

The teacher was in the other room lounging about and only came into the class room when he realised I was taking pictures. The principal was absent and basically eh was the only teacher who was there.

I never thought about the chairs...it is definetely not a luxury issue though.:)

Saro said...

Hi Y,

I've referenced your article in my blog. I thought I'd keep you informed of the same. Should you have any reservations about it, lemme know and I'll remove the link.


Saro said...

http://thisgreenplate.blogspot.com/2010/03/of-reservations-caste-gender.html sorry, this is the link.