Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Vodafone can reach a forgotten corner of Uttar Pradesh , why can't development is a question I have had about development for a long time.


cwlq said...

Vodafone is development, man. Lots of research shows that cellphones are the most dramatic element in raising std. of living for poor Africans and Indians. If you mean "government services" then the answer is obvious, Vodafone doesn't get any money unless they sell sim cards. The government gets your money no matter if it gives you welfare or not.

Y? said...

Did telecom companies fund this study? If someone has a phone in hand as many people do , its not going to make them value their daughers education any more,or think beyond the caste system or dare challenge it or ..
it's not the govt versus vodafone..i am just talking about if and what a big if the govt wud work as effeceintly as vodafone..