Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trident and other non triumphs

They briefed us , the media on their reopening yesterday.LA times and its cousins wanted to know
if the hotel management was aware of the threat,if such an attack can be prevented at all.
The first question - evaded , the second answered with a no.

Reporters from some TV channels did walkabouts in the lobby retracing the footsteps of the attackers and their moves.

We had a large lunch.I went back to office and wondered if I should mention something about the other poorer places which reopened the day after the attacks.I wondered if I should say that Pakistani nationals can't check in. I did only one of these.

Then I filed a story.I almost died trying to squeeze into the train where I had as much space to stand as the space I occupy existing on earth.

I wondered if I should eat pani puri near the station.I didn't .Then I came home.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

dalit woman stripped naked,paraded and torched,129 people held hostage in kashmir,low intensity blasts in a slum area inbangalore,malegaon-SAFFRONTERROR,only@% of muslims in important public positions,blasts kill56 in x,blasts kill2,injure32 in y, MUMBAI UNDER SEIGE, MUMBAI:THE ECONOMIC FALLOUT;THE TAJIS OURHOME,lets carpet bomb pakistan;our reporters on promo footage we can run all year long;risk ADVISORY IS BRISK BUSINESSNOW
MUMBAI-WILL FORIEGN INVESTORS PULL OUT,SOME DEATHS AT CST ,financial capital attacked, ISLAMIC TERRORISM TARGETS INDIAN CITY MUMBAI,taj was like my home,the difference between muslim and pakistan flags,
how do you feel(a little louder for the camera pleasesir) now that your family is all dead?

Turn up the nats before playing the story( nats beingnatural sound) ----the story should be more dramatic

the noise is deafening