Sunday, March 14, 2010

Long and winding roads

Yesterday, we went for the birthday party of one of the teachers daughers.I like that anoopshahr has both the charm of the village and some of the comforts of a small town but it isn't dismal in a way that a lot of small towns are.
The  winding roads lined by gorgeous old houses all roads leading to the Ganga .
Anyhow the birthday party had yummy food, cute kids and it was just really great.
Alhough on the way back we were squeezed on a rickshaw travelling in the dark through pot holed streets and I felt like my relationship to gravity was very tentative.
Random thought that I woke up with...blame the terrible hangover if you want..but
I wish I could leash my restlessness to the goal post of reality and stay put.


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