Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Post Boy World

The Post Boy World is here,I told C ,while gently telling him to get inducted as fast as possible.
I paapa college girl from Southern India suddenly found myself in working world to learn that boys no longer live in crummy college apartment, with a mattress, a pile of porn,two pairs of jeans , broken coffee maker and some rotten milk in the fridge.Background music would be old school rock or heavy metal

The Post Boy World Boy PBW is clean, might even have a taste for art , keeps casual clothes and formal clothes in different closets, and has as many toileteries as I have clothes I bought without thinking, never to be worn again.

The PBW can express emotions, sometimes giving you an overdose .
The PBW lives a functional life,not like me in a gasless house, groggilly waking up dialing the nearest udipi retstaurant and ordering coffee every single day.
He buys Kellogs Corn Flakes believing the jazz they say about vitamins and drinks milk because its good for health,and thinks working out is very important.
He actually puts together an outfit and doesn't just wear the first thing he finds in his wadrobe.
And can actually give you fashion advice.

Which brings me to a coversation i had sometime back about how fun it would be to get a housewife for myself,someone to cook and functionate my life, when I am at work.