Monday, June 13, 2005

Post theatre low

After all my desperation to hurriedly start a blog, I forgot my password and it's taken me so long to get it back and in the process I even tried starting another blog but i thought it unfair. When I checked , I found one post posted centuries ago and thought it would be unfair to join the bandwagon of blog name stealers.
Cut the crap . I am sitting at the Hindu office suffering from severe writer's block(not that the symptoms are not already quite prominent) and can't come up with any story idea that is either 1.not already been done before or 2.sensational .
Why don't I have a creative mind that just churns up stories. Oh, i wrote a poem once when I was in one of those rare states. Will post it later.
The most significant thing that happened last week was my theatre group's performance.....;there really is no feeling in the world that matches up to performing when it's full house . I think if i continue , it will be an insult to the institution of grammar and punctuation..for now it's writer's block, post theatre low(nothing to fill up my evenings and after four months of theatre everyday, it's such an empty feeling), and dreading college.There is so much to say but I just can't seem to string words together today so BYe!!!!!