Thursday, August 25, 2005

'And those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.'

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Child critic

Remember what you read when you were a child?Or do you remember thinking about that wonderful word of words when your sibling could read and you couldn't yet connect 'abcd' to the strings and strings of words in the world?I remember when I was four, I could just about read "tinkle' comics and I felt so proud.I had entered the domain of an older person.Ofcourse reading is not such a cool thing anymore among kids...not like I am a grandmom. Ten years ago , I was still in the peak of childhood.
My favourite stories were the 'Undir' stories in 'Gokulam' which were about a family of mice. Now the word is associated with 'plague', 'that disgusting creature we had to cut up in biology' and other such unpleasing associations.
At seven, the mice part of the 'Undir' family were a world of wonder. While they were still mice at heart, they still faced the essential Indian middle class situtaions that made it relatable and yet fantastic.

The mother(mouse) gets transferred and it's all seen through the eyes of children who are often ever excited about change.(Maybe we are born following Darwin's rules of adapations but grow up to forget them).They eat chapati , aloo , rice and dal for dinner. There is an American cousin who comes and is thinks the world has ended when there is a power cut.They go out for movies and are excited about eating pizza. Essentially , an Indian child could relate these events to her life more than what was served on 'cable tv' then . This was before the American epidemic and before McDonalds was a household name . Before dream purchasing powers .
Actually If I am supposedly reviewing these stories dug up from the recesses of childhood, I should comment on how it was written , by whom....i have no memory of the former and the latter..anuradha something. Besides I didn't then have the mercilessly critical eye that I have today. Thank God for that.

Friday, August 05, 2005

'Comfortably numb??"

How long will I go on with this aimlessness.. I miss the freshness of childhood. I miss not knowing the realities of the world and hence believing in it.Idealism is fading. I Wonder how people after knowing the nastiness, the filth that has choked up people's minds still go on living, believing and fighting. After knowing the universe's indifference to mankind, it's calculations and patterns of what is to us oscillating heart tugging emotions, fight. Fight against war, rape, cruelty. are these things supposed to happen as written in the victim's karma or cosmic chart by some randomly calculated calculations to suit the need of the universe?
What is the meaning of life?
I though all these saffron sporting Caucasians who came from far away lands to India to find out were mad. Then I was happy taking school girl trips and studying for exams.Now I know how nagging, haunting these questions are.I just sometimes feel so so uncomfortably numb.