Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sex , burqas and a plot full of weeds

Do not read if you want to watch the movie - there are spoilers. 

So if you stretch Sex and the City which was doing just fine - sweet , short, snappy snippets of a single girl in Manhattan in the shows 
and try making movies, you fail. Because you stretch it so much that it snaps. 

The plot is tacky - like a ghagra sold on the street with 13 more layers of sequins than required to make it minimalist and stylish.
So after (most of the) girls are married with husbands, there is not much sex talk anymore - like the man who had to shower  everytime after sex
or the rabbi or the hot European who left money for Carrie. Apart from the occasional nice clothes and the easy on the brain stlyle the sex and relationships bit made SATC what it was. 
Right? I mean I have to talked to a representative set of girls from atleast three nations who agree. 

So if you still insist , (I did by the way) go watch the movie - they get a free trip to Abu Dhabi where the girls ( by now they are aunties really) gush over every piece of free
luxury like school girls would., one gets arrested for obscenity, one cheats on her boyfriend, one finds her bitchy self and one becomes more fun. (No points for guessing who did what.)
Ofcourse , we have the exotic Souk a.k.a middle eastern market scene thrown in , some scenes with the burqaed women, all mostly offensive and an apology of a scene where the veiled women strip to reveal their designer clothes and how much they love New York. And hail universality of womanhood , yeah? These women in black are reading the same menopause guide book that Samantha is and outside is a street with scandalized muslim men hating Samantha the owner of condoms. 

There is some brown panty candy in the form of the butlers that they have in the fancy hotel and I did like one part where Miranda and Charlotte sit over drinks talking about things they would never otherwise say because it would make them feel like bad women.Yeah, I could do with a drinking session like that with a girl friend now. A sip for every statement made. 

Apart from that , kindly refrain maadi.

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