Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The academic wealth hidden in house hunting

 I have rather pseudo-lee declared to many of my friends much to their disgust - especially Marie that I have an academic interest in everything. Like, a Romanian guy once chatted me up in a club and I talked with him for half an hour out of a pure academic interest.

So , while most people would worry (not like I am Piggy Chops or anything) that their mobile number has spread like rabies in the internet, I consoled myself thinking of the academic opportunities that awaited me.

So, while advertising on a website for room mates, I described myself and clarified that only women and gay men can have the honour of being my room mate. 

So within an hour of placing my ad, I received  at least 20 calls , all the callers implied subtly that they were gay but never stated it. 
By then , I had found flat mates so I refused all of them but hey continued to call me. 
Straight men don't fall in my bucket of trust especially if they are strangers so I clarified with all the callers making sure they weren't straight men looking to get laid.

All of them wanted to be my friend which is very sweet.I really need a gay friend in Delhi. But they asked me all sorts of questions.

Why on earth would I want a gay room mate , they wanted to know? Won't you feel bad if the men in the other room were together ...I mean Y if they are kissing or you know...? 
There were others who said they were not gay but were just curious about my wish to live with  gay men. Some wanted to know if I am lesbo.
I didn't actually wish to live with gay men in particular but there aren't that many women advertising for room mates and I thought that broadening my target audience will
help me find someone faster. 

So essentially the random gay men and I had a mutual academic interest in each others thoughts . . I once went for dinner with my gay friend who I will name bike  and his date for the night ( I am an unforgiving fag hag) and I was really open throughout dinner. But this guy got so mad at P for telling me that he is gay because apparently he didn't want to admit this to a woman. And he left after dinner . (such klpd)

So, I was sort of touched by these calls and these questions from men who sounded like they expected to be judged but were sort of intrigued , comforted , repulsed (?)
by this girl who posted an ad inviting them to live with her. 


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