Monday, June 07, 2010


Everyday, I think of at least five things to write about. Sometimes it is just chai- that is what it is going to be about today.
I've been holding in my head , cooking my opinions about the French burqa ban for like some months but I feel it is in this quagmire of extreme subjectivity made worse
by this book called The Art of Choosing (Sheena Iyengar, Hachette) that I have been reading. 
So choice is a loaded word. 
Before I ventured to the lawless north, I had this habit of drinking lemon ginger tea everyday and didn't touch any milk tea nonsense.
But now chai has taken over, many milky hot sweet chais in a  day. It punctuates the otherwise jumbled sentences my life is made up of now. 

So you are in UP, but you have a Delhi number but you are actually South Indian? Don't lie. 

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