Friday, November 17, 2006

To sell or not to sell?

Things that make me forget that I am a wannabe saver of the world and tempt me to sell my soul to a corporate job.

nice shoes,TRAVEL,alcohol and its cousins,food,ridiculously expensive clothes that I want to buy anyway,
Europe-( ah, well the idea of it, I've never been there), cover charge,
books-beautiful big ones with wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww photographs,books,
cameras and lenses!
SILVER jewellery,
an AC,

Antiques of all kinds
pretty much a lot.
A semester before college ends,career confusion remains constant.


Anonymous said...

which corporate job is gonna pay this much - please lemme know..
am already bugged by mine n am ready to quit ;)

Hello miss - therz one more sem and i'd say Enjoy the fullest bcoz you can never guess of the future - it may not be this sweet really.

Anonymous said...

Sell, what else is our soul good for?

moonstruck maniac said...

sounds lucrative doent it

Y? said...

@prasoon: ya ill postpone thoughts to till post college hwen hell is predictably begining
@ unforgiven: I'll sell off?
@ moonstruck: gojer khan what are you saying? what is lucrative?

Y? said...

@moonstruck: sorry, i thought you wre somebody else :) -another moonstruck!

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I would.
I did, and see how happy I am now!

Oh wait..

Anonymous said...

Is it really mutually exclusive?

Is it not possible to save the world and make a lot of money in the process?