Friday, November 17, 2006

add words tise ments

I love being a substitute
I love my commute to work.
I love the company.
I love missing the last bus home.

So Sony erricson plays with the sentiments of its target market-the corporate world? - plays with the sordidness of an urban life .

With the samsung blah blah phone, you can live two lives at once. Do two things at once. On an exoticised boat in Kerala AND in a board meeting. Helping an old wrinkly woman sleep on a dirty crowded bus and ..
In the inch of target audience that I am.
Be a travel writer and earn like an investment banker.
Be a trekker and not sink your youth in the flat foreboding screen of the computer.(caffeine aided,air conditioned)+perks ***

'I always wanted to quit on Monday Mornings.'
RECLAIM your damn life man with some bloody car.
even if all you can do is chug chug your car through traffic adventures.
'But I swear that monday morning husky voice sticks in my head whenever I am loaded with work and want to run off to some godforsaken part of myanmar.

But , honey , real life is not being advertisement.
real life sucks slightly more
and those bastards know that.

copywriter me become?

picture caption: Underexposed pictures of hot monks in coorg that i took even as the boat i was on was speeding away. And am not the only one guilty of finding them hot! What connection the pic may have to this post is open to postmodernist/Freudian intepretation. ANd i cant seem to upload it so later ok?
Im getting better at writing crap, I know.


moonstruck said...

I actually like the Sony ad simply because it plays with the sordidness of urban life. Atleast it seems a little more glamorous now.
I'm a sucker for illusion.

Anonymous said...

Were the monks sweating a lot?
Sure, anyone can be hot, this is India, not Scandanavia

Anonymous said...

>The Sony Erricson Ad
You hate the sordidness of the urban life or you hate the ad for taking it out of the personal domain into a public one?