Sunday, November 12, 2006

haven't slept a wink for some twenty six hours.And all sorts of Hydroxide molecules float around in my blood.

Everything in my mind seems to have deconstructed itself from conditioned , accepted norms.

When the cop says we're making a big deal out of 'normal girl boy teasing', I want to spit at this simplistic bloody view of life.

And I hand some woman one of the blogathon testimonials and she rushes back to me an hour later, finds me amidst the oppressive Brigade Road crowd, Today littered with the shocking presence of girls just leaning over the railing..

Some conversion pamphlet that says God loves me. Umm sorry religion doesn't work for me. All religions have some absolutely beautiful wonderful things about them. They ALLlack something somewhere , have gone utterly preciously ,ruining humanity type wrong with sometings and perhaps, perhaps , they all have most core ideas in common.
They just evolved to give humanity a feeling of security . Thus they varied in places acrss the world.

yeah so this woman felt bad for me that i handed an eve teasing testimonial? and tried to convert me?


Still haven't slept much. Having nightmares of a little ghost girl called Barbara.
Sylvia Plath- it's her fault- I've been reading too much.

Umm yeah thaats all, spelling grammer mistakes included


Books inc said...

Haha. Yep, it's our fate that we all seem lost and confused, making the rest of the world itch to save us from the eternal damnation of our souls!

Religion is just to organise chaos and to give our society structure, I feel. And we, being bloodthirstybeasts, use that as a convenient excuse to indulge our lesser instincts. ::sigh::

Anonymous said...

It is sometimes surprising to see how callous the compassion of the religios zealots of this world can be.

BTW, I unwittingly stole the title of your post. I solemnly swear that I hadn't seen this post title till after I had written mine :P