Friday, July 28, 2006

d e l u r k

Those who read my blog and have never commented are requested to ahem!
Delurk. Comments are fun.

Today the staff at Landmark must have fainted. I ACTUALLY bought a book . Me who plonks for hours and hours ingnoring sarcastic questions about whether I plan to finish the book there.
Yeah so I bought a Murakami book..Sputnik sweetheart. And a pack of catridges

Then there is a huuuuuuuuuuge line so i wait to bill.

An Arab woman comes with a daughter and a basket of( I am not lying) handbags.
When my turn comes , she quickly stretches and puts her stuff for billing. I put on my sugar coated can't be rude voice and tell her I have only TWO things and that I was BEFORE her.( I didnt say that) she whispered something that sounded like ' yeah go ahead but shoved her things for billing.

Sometimes I can't be rude to people even if it means waiting another 10 minutes for her to bill her million handbags. Why why why?

At Forum they didn't let a bunch of visibly poor women in on the pretext that one of them wasn't wearing chappals.

It's so sad , they were so excited and eager to look around Forum.

I've joined a semiotics class which is really interesting. Opens your mind to so much.Should I switch back to my old template?
and BLOGDOG where are you?


Vogon Interpreter!! said...

well ure loff was zimbly mallu enoff!!
brought me to ure page to check it out..!!
and the stuff on ure page was good to start a comments galore..(mifrm bangalore hence the obsession fr teh work galore..) so here i begin...

the lady bein turned away from the store.. anthr sign of our modern times turnnig a blind eye to the "not so well off"... My quetsion is.. "who was the visually impaired party " in the above case.. acc me definitely its the store manager who couldnt see the joy it wouldve brought those women to xperience the store.. if not indulge.. !!

:) well abt the "not bein rude." hehe well im of the same ilk.. have had to wait.. miss out and lots more.. yeah glad to have company!! LOL!

lurker, also psycho stalker, you know who said...

I like this all-black template better.

I think you aren't rude or assertive on purpose. The purpose being- standing back and watching in awe, how unreasonably unpredictably different, people can be. In fact, you kinda like it.

Semiotics sounds interesting. You going to pen the next Vinci code?

Y? said...

i know its sad. 99% of the time that i go to forum, i don't buy a thing but they dont say anything coz its a class really no different from these women except i am seeking forum as a refuge from dreary college:(

Y? said...

no i don't get what you mean psycho stalker bout the not being rude...
i haven't read the book or seen the movie
there..all your respect for me has gone ,,,,hasn't it??

i'll have another one said...

i have the same problem bout the not being rude thing..people and birth sign books seem to tell me its cos of my willingness tp please people and have everyone like me...hope that'll rub off soon!!!what works for me (in however small measure) is to project myself outta me and see the situation between two people (the whole see it in another's shoes is appareantly big with us librans!)...then act accordingly...but thats me.

meanwhile, once your class is completed you could maybe put down a condensed form of lessons learnt here so that us lazy folk can gain some gyaan :)

Anjaan said...

Delurking Right now!!!!

Ni-igh-ce Post. Kept me smiling all through! :)

raag said...

"Delurk" - good one that. Keep the blog going y? - it always feels good to hear something from fellow bangaloreans. the long queues at landmark is a pet peeve of mine as well. long qs there put me off from my buying even if i wanted sumthing.

and, pls change the black background unless you want to make the b'lore opticians richer.

unforgiven said...

There is such a thing as too nice for your own good.

Y? said...

@pranavbal: Yeah librans have that problem, eternally diplomatic also they are.:)
@anjaan: thanks delurker:)
@raag: i can't say landmark queues are that much a part of my life-student=poverty:(. oh i thought i was contributing to the optician's cause wit my earlier background. u be having blog too?
@unforgiven: sigh! I agree with you.