Sunday, July 16, 2006

Are you a girl with brains and do you burn bras??

R and I have this problem of reading gender issues into everything.
Ads, attitudes, conversations well...!!
I will try not to make this one big feminist rant but she says recreating space: I can't get over this. If i think a gunshot sounds fun i am boyish, if i think it sounds dangerous i am girlish.">here about the test I've posted below.

I did the test anyway because I am self obsessed and I love taking these tests even though I don't take them seriously.
In the cantonement station , I saw this ad for a newspaper where the woman is shown reading the supplement and the man reading the main paper. Why? Because she is the one who is suppossed to sit at home and is likely to be interested in curtain sales in west Bangalore.Whatever!
I remember when I went 'trekking' outside Hyderabad with a bunch of friends they all said I was as good as a boy. What is that suppossed to mean?
Besides why is it a compliment when a girl is like a boy ( that is , according to society resourceful,independent whatever) and not vice versa?
Infact vice versa would mean pansy, loser etc.

It being a compliment negates the very idea of feminism. That equality is about being man enough.
Man I know I am being very inarticulate and this is a subject that I will write a long well thought out angsty post on but for now you are spared!! Ya another thing that baffled me is this community on
for girls with brains
Huh? That's an exclusive minority group among females ??


Prasoon said...

you seemd to be very angry especially in the last part of the post.. oops !!

n yes, that comm on orkut is truly funny - you belong to that 'minority' :P or no.. i hope n wish that you pretty much do.. oh after this blog - i know u deserve to be there tho being there isnt really necessary..

tanvi said...

I completely agree with all u say my feminist frnd. We belong to the same tribe. I thnk I am a member of the community from where u got the pic from. These stereotypes really make u mad at times. Its strange and insulting if u call ur daughter 'beta' its a compliment but calling a guy a girl is abuse. Its sickening. I a, glad u articulated it. Good post! keep it up ;)

tanvi said...

U know y dont u find me on orkut it wud be gud. U seem my type ;)

Y? said...

@prasoon: ya as u said it isn't nessecary at all.:)though i hope i belong to that suppossed 'minority'
@tanvi:i was thinking bout finding you on orkut too.:)i love the intro to your blog..sounds just like me.mail me? with your orkut name..

smita said...

great post!