Wednesday, July 05, 2006


tagged me so here goes.

I am thinking about...

How indifferent this
universe is to my need to sleep after lunch instead of having to listen to what post modernism is all about

I want to...
a) not grow up

I wish...
I could draw.
I hear ...
anything that is beautiful and NOT jarring and strange sounds at night that scare me.

I wonder...

to an unhealthy extent
About why this world is so unfair
About whether there is some sort of a pattern to all this , the traffic I navigate on my ride back home , the clouds, why I was so rude to that girl , if there’s an equation to it, like some sort of a choreographed dance of the universe where we are just puppets.
Are we puppets of some force in physics called b say and if some bastard will win the nobel prize for figuring it out and no one will remember that it was Y who thought of it first…Or is it too large for the human mind to comprehend.
I also wonder about whether I will scare you off if I continue and answer myself in the affirmative.

I am...

A neurotic frog

I dance...

to hip hop in Azerbaijani

I sing...
When I am feeling dreamy, on bus journeys and we also sometimes sing vulgar Tamil class at the back of class.
I cry...
for stupid things but when its something big and not comprehensible, I just look cold ,
quiet and feel like sitting at the edge of a river and throwing stones endlessly .

I write:

1) blog posts

2) Journal entries ( since the age of 7 )
3) bad poetry (" " " " " " " " ")

I confuse

ya..thats my second name. Just add ..ed

Bad grammar pisses me off .

I need:
My space
Deep conversations with my closest friends
And one tequila shot right now.

And I tag R. It's the only way to make the bitch blog. Posted by Picasa


PritS said...

thanks for being sport and forwarding the tag.
your entry many nice and new things to know about you..
keep it going..

Truman said...

First time to your blog. Do you remember, you had commented on my blog a few days back?

I read a lot of your posts, you write well.

I am linking to you :) Keep writing!

i'll have another one said...

hahaha..came across your blog by the way you've put down stuff..and totally get the world - unknown forces - everything linked conspiracy theory...guess we all think about it when we have bad days..and somehow we all do all the time!! eitherways it was fun reading it...if you ever wanna read some random rants and the like (when i put it like that, i can't imagine why??) check out my lines and jelly... (if you think this is a desperate attempt for getting hits on my're probably right!!)

Y? said...

@Pritesh: :)

@ Truman : Wow! Thanks for the shoutout...

@pranavbal: will check out your blog.. keep coming back to mine ;)