Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am 19.I am 19. I am 19 years old.


That might sound awfully young to some of you but the fact is I can't bear the thought of not being 19 anymore in a few days.

Because when I think I still think like' when I grow up' or when I think of what I have to do next i quickly run 'maths , english , social studies....' in my mind though I don't do these subjects anymore.
Not like am going to be a grandmother at 20 but still!
Because I have lived so much and done so little and don't know what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life.
I feel so young and am expected to be so old.
And that world that you are unconsciously promised to reach when you 'grow up' doesn't exist.Because I am such a baby and yet I can't deal with how Pipe Dreams: clinical vegetable?!">">dependable,Clinical, intellectual, cynical I seem to have become. Posted by Picasa


Books inc said...

Hell yeah!

The thought of leaving my teens behind scares, frightens, excites me. Seven years! Have I done everything I wanted to do during my teenage years? Hell no! If I could stop time, hold these months and have them drag on forever I totally would!

Shit Yams. 20 is just too scary man!

voidthought said...

Yeah thats true,

Infact, from the day I turned 19 I hv been like "I'm 19 going on 20"... That is a scary concept...But we do have something more to lookout for...its a new xprerience to move on from what was bw a teen and an adult to a full fledged one...Lets all hope that its going to be a butterfly that we morph into eventually...

Ha ha