Monday, June 19, 2006

Doors of perception

Who is taller?

Our world is just raw material. Something as bloody intangible as perception makes finished products out of it. What is reality then?
Is reality a constant or is it a customized commodity packed to confuse the hell out of every individual?

'If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is- infinnite' William Blake

What is fear for instance? I am scared of supernatural things. And at this point in life when there is no electricity in my house when I am alone it is really not a great idea to write .
Considering I missed being almost neurotic by one point in personality testing class.
HOWever, when i look around my house , it is the same things I see , just subtract the light.
The sofa, my slippers lying haphazardly ,the bottle of lotion with the cap almost not shut. Yet, a small creak outside the house causes unnessecary depletion of adrenalin from my system. I have obviously been gradually conditioned , tortured to believe that dark is scary.

When you have preconceived notions about something , no matter what signals you receive , you understand a situation in tandem with what notions you already have.
When I think about this , it makes sense to me. When I blog about it I have an inkling of dooubt creeping in. Do i make sense?
You on the other hand could probably think I am a retard.
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Johann said...

I don't think fear of the dark is conditioned. I think it's like the fear of snakes, ingrained in our uncounscious minds. We can overcome that fear, but I don't believe it was thrust on us by society.

satyajit said...

hey yamini, plz chk your scores again..
u may not have missed being neurotic by just one point considering you've managed to turn a powercut into a milestone by saying 'And at this point in life when there is no electricity in my house'..

just kidding..plz dont cuss me :-)

jax said...

I disagree with blog dog. The only fear humans are born with are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything else is learned and can therefore be unlearned. As soon as I have figured how, you'll be the first one to know :)

lifeasithappens said...

Never take the personality tests too seriusly, they always underestimate :) so if you missed by a point it probably means you are up there :))

lifeasithappens said...

btw.. yamini, nice name. what does it mean?

NOTY TONY said...

heya there!! nice blog u got to..wanna check out all the posts but im a lil sticky nw..Aahana's frend rite?? keep blogging!!

Johann said...

your new background makes it hard to read your blog.

Meena said...

I have just launched a monthly creative women's e-zine and would like to invite you to write for it. You can talk about anything appealing to a Women audience. I do hope you like the idea!

Y? said...

@satyajit: hmmm

@jax: can't wait to hear this new theory:P

@ lifeasithappens
actually sure I am 'up there' tests can go to hell. Yamini means night.

@noty tony: thanks. yes. Aahana's friend :)

@Meena : I'd love to .

@blog dog: the fear of snakes is

nt ingrained
in ourminds. For instance I grew up in a place where snakes were really common .Though I wouldn't go kiss a snake , I am not petrified of snakes as I am of say, crossing a road when there is a lot of traffic!I am just less used to traffic.And is this template better ??

Johann said...

Yes, this background is better. It doesn't matter who's right. It was just an idea I had when I read your post. I don't believe that a more enlightened society would somehow raise children that did not have a fear of the dark. If I'm wrong, it's ok. It's just an idea. :~)

Congrats on the e-zine! You're an amazing writer.