Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Did the planet betray us?

I forgot when it stopped being an urgent thing to do.
When I was a child in Hyderabad , they cut down about seven trees that lined the plot next to our house. They RANDOMLY cut the Jamun tree in my house one day. The wires were causing problems . I was sick upstairs with Malaria then . I wanted to cry.


I wanted to grow up and save the environment and become an environmentalist.
I am extremist in loving animals. Nowadays when I think of the unimaginable cruelty meted out to animals everyday I shut the thought out , divert myself and start thinking of something saner.
I used to actually worry about what would happen when all the non renewable resources like coal and petrol got over.I used to consciously use less plastic, paper etc.
Over the years its just been ' why not?' without thinking. It's stopped being an urgent thing to do.
I've been caught up with my own life while doing small things like not going to McDonalds and KFC and putting up with being called an hypocrite.
That logic doesn't make sense . You might as well do SOMETHING and be called names than do NOTHING
One McDonalds beef burger removes for ever from this earth an average kitchen sized area of rainforest.

Last week I went to hear Medha Patkar speak. I was amazed, moved, inspired and ashamed.
I was ashamed of my relative indifference to what is happening in the world . I was ashamed of considering a career in the corporate world to be part of the little drop that defiles the entire ocean with its needs.
It was career confusion again.
Yet when I was at Mango yesterday I wanted that stupid soft grey t shirt that cost a thousand bucks. I told myself that I can afford it when I start earning.

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Johann said...

It's hard to track you from your three different blogs, but maybe you want it that way. Visual indulgence seems to be dead so I found my way here.

When I turned twenty I couldn't be happier to leave my teens behind. You must have had some great teen years to be so sad about it. A little secret about adulthood, a part of you never grows up. You never have to stop dreaming or being silly.

AJEYA RAO said...

Nice Blog..

I think everyone goes through such faces of life where our dreams and desire clash with reality and we have to make choices that we neccesarily dont believe in or want to do. You are very please follow what your heart says and choose a proper carrer path that you want to see yourself in. Work satisfaction is a must.
Nice blog have book marked it.

AJEYA RAO said...

Good Blog...Pls make a proper decision about your career and choose the path that really makes u happy. It is always to difficult to tackle the reality with our dreams and desires..

Nice blog

Y? said...

@blog dog- yes sometimes i think i'll never stop dreaming and being silly. sometimes i think i am permanantly irreversibly cynical.
THanks for being such a faithful reader blogdog!:)
@Ajeya Rao- thanks.

Ruchika said...

I thought the exact same way when I was in school! I quit drinking Pepsi and Coke etc, stopped non-veg, helped plant trees, boycotted KFC and McD, and thought I'd save the environment when I "grew up"!

Reality? Today I didnt get the time to donate 150 Rs to Greenpeace while they were sitting in my posh Corporate office, waiting for people to contribute their little bit to the environment...