Thursday, April 07, 2011

Yesterday, I saw the love of my life

Arundhati Roy. She is so beautiful, I simply couldn't take my eyes off her at the" Free Binayak Sen" cultural event at Alliance Francaise yest. 
I know it keeps going in and out of fashion to love her but I have consistently admired her.
Her poem at the end of the talk disappointed me, it didn't have her usual magical words and she sounded loose. (There is democracy in Greater Kailash but not at Dantewada.) 
And of course, she thinks the nuclear bomb is the heart of whiteness and one feels paaapa for all those neutral countries out there, yet. Love is pretty blind no. 

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P said...

You know, not judging or anything but Arundhati Roy? Really? It won't make sense to debate about it because eventually it will turn to a debate between opinions.

Honestly speaking though, dog-barf is generally better than her literature. And her socio-political exploits are mere sensationalist ramblings. Bleeding heart my ass.

Sorry, but her name kind of gives me a temporary Tourette's Syndrome and I cannot help but become loud and profane about her.