Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quotes from sleepovers past.

Every morning begins with an illogical superlative.

Vanity needs patience.

Some are pahadi phool's :
How can you be soft and sensitive when you say things like CHEERIO
Do I really talk about Madame Bovary when I am drunk? 

How is life? Is it elsewhere?

The whole world exploits you. You are the most exploitable person I know. 

(Thanks, works for my self esteem..) 


Real life is so difficult after Planet Romeo.


Sachitananda bista said...

It's - I don't think I discuss Madame Bovary when I'm drunk.

Real life is so much more difficult because of PR.

Y? said...

I know. I changed it to reflect truth. You discussed Madame Bovary when drunk, that too with another woman.