Saturday, October 09, 2010

Compulsive Decadence

IT is quite alright to be practically decadent, to spend your money on a fridge, a closet full of shiny synthetic sarees you can drape 
at weddings, a cupboard to keep books in , instead of piling them up on a floor. But I am the other kind of decadence, I invest in things that will ultimately be dispelled out as shit. Merde.

Yesterday, I went shopping, hoping to buy something decent to wear for a friend's wedding.I obviously do not , or more importantly, can not 
afford a designer lehenga that costs a whole month's salary. So I thought I'll look for something cheaper and went to shopper's stop but every thing was too tacky for my taste so have started begging sufi slut, room mate etc to bail me out of this mess. 

The point however is that, we decided to go to ai after failing at shopping. And ordered insanely expensive Japanese food. (I can never like Japanese food. I am vegetarian and I love veg sushi however uncool that makes me sound but nothing else.) And suddenly , it occurred to me. 
If I actually gave up my expensive food addiction, I would have that much money every month with which to buy these fancy clothes. 

That's how much I spend at expensive restaurants week after week. I need rehab. Fast. 

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Ashutosh said...

This is the age when you can spend on food. Downright after 30+, your bod will build up resistant rules to selectively ingest junk, so eat up the max you can !
Clothes, of course, are forever