Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Camel Back!

Just got back from Jaipur and Pushkar. Jaipur dissapointed,crowded and slightly blah.Even the shopping wasn't gush-worthy.The last time I was in Jodhpur, I was 17 and I found myself in the godown of a shop amidst a mountain of bags, going utterly crazy. Either Rajasthan isn't still amazing or I have grown up so much that I buy crap only discerningly.
Anyhow, Pushkar was quiet, kaliyug and beautiful if in a dry decidous way.I took a camel safari hoping for Saharan sand dunes but only got patchy green stretches of land.Of course, I took pictures in the few patches of sand that were available,omitting the green. I will post pictures soon.But the camel ride and the bus ride that followed (with babies lining the aisles) has destroyed my back. I can't walk properly aaaaaaaah, it really hurts to be in office sitting all day in front of a computer. 

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