Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Atleast for three weeks , I've been wanting to write about how raw I feel. And this doesn't really mean I am unhappy because actually for once my life seems in place and in a balanced way . It's just a feeling of fragility I have arrived at , the complete surrender and understanding of the fact that this too shall pass. And what next?

And I've tried my best to be centered , to access an inner silence if I feel weak or want to snap. I've understood that the strongest link is me and everything else will pass.

You know what the beautiful thing about this is? It is that I live in the moment , like really really , in an Oshoesque way. I am constantly in this haze of gratitude and touch wood because a day spent in the Hauz Khas monument smoking cigarettes when things are the way they are is a precious thing. Or spending a whole Sunday with friends at home.

Do I scare you? Do I sound self help? Listen, I am not but I just don't feel articulate enough to express this combination of distance and love that I feel.

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Punit said...

Transitional life …. Enlighten the spark to ignite …. Great going yamu …. I like the narration