Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Southern secrets

Meal for two: Rs.50

A narrow lane behind the PG men's hostel at Delhi University hides a delightful southern secret. Called PG men's' by the students it is an institution of sorts where most students have an account with the Anna who runs it.

He serves up homely South Indian fare with all the flavours right to the dot. There are the crisp masala dosas served with piping hot sambar and fresh coconut chutney (Rs.30). The soft fluffy idlies (Rs.20) make for a quick, light snack. PG mens' does a host of rice dishes as well, the spicy tomato rice is served with raita that it must be admitted has more onion than curd. The lightly seasoned curd rice (Rs.20) is a hit in the summer months.

The ambience is basic and the restaurant is demarcated by a lovely shrub fence separating the lane from the hostel. It is a no fuss joint and the service is quick but no one is pleased to serve you or anything like that. Expect to eavesdrop on jhola sporting students or boys from the hostel discussing notes photocopied from diligent students.

Obviously being the student eatery that it is, PG men's' serves the ubiquitous creative styles of maggi- egg, cheese, vegetable etc.(Rs.20) The many experimental possibilities that the humble maggi noodles offers might horrify the gourmand but the students here seem to love it and it tastes great so what's the harm?

The hygiene score would be 50% but students don't care about this so if you want to go there you have to think like one. All in all great for a quick bite of authentic, tasty South Indian food and it costs very little so if you find yourself in North Campus and craving for the flavours of the South, head here. 

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chrisq said...

This piece is super cute. It's like a snapshot of city life in the guise of a food review. I love the part about the hygiene score and "students don't care about this so if you want to go there you have to think like one". Really nice :)