Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sex,rides and autorickshaws

The other day I got on an autorickshaw which had curtains on the sides and in front. I exclaimed that it is really cool in here and great for the Delhi summer. 
My friend asked (how men think so fast about certain things no) him if he has the curtain so couples  can come and make out. The 'auto guy let's call him
Bholu said that's why he has it. So, he charges 500 Rupees for three hours driving around hormonal couples. He has a pen drive with five hundred songs. 'Punjabi, English, Hip hop, sab hain madam.'

Regular customers call him when they need him.He said, girls call much more than boys. He  makes much more money this way - atleast 1000 Rupees a day only from the autolove business. Cool no, this crazy city is. 


Sruthi K said...

Haha. Perfect, if pricey, solution for people complaining about lack of spaces to make love. They should start something like this in Chennai.

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