Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This Bombay

On the local from VT to Kanjurmarg , the general compartment, crowded with people of many kinds, a paralyzed man, a woman with child etc
I squeeze through the crowd , three stops before my stop so I can reach the door . My plastic bag scrapes against the face of a woman. I smile and say sorry.She flashes a warm smile.
It's the end of a long day for most of them. 10:30 PM. Yet no one loses their temper. Everyone smiles. Everyone helps trying to make space for a child on a ledge.
I don't want to exoticize or romanticize.
This is not always so but 80% of the time, everyone is nice. At a time when everyone is angry about everything, I can't help admiring this Bombay.And smiling.


Chris said...

"I don't want to exoticize or romanticize."

Wait, what happened to Yamini? Is this a post by a guest author?

Y? said...

Yamini version 2010.

that sentence /disclaimer was targeted at u.

Chris said...

Glad I could take your bait, but you used the American spelling of "romanticise". If you really wanted to irritate me you should have gone the Brit way. You are getting soft!