Wednesday, January 06, 2010

3 Idiots

Three Idiots had me smiling throughout. And rolling of the floor in laughter occasionally.
The story of three boys who try surviving in a highly competitive engineering college ,
It has its dollops of romance, sorrow and now because of the ever increasing need for Bollywood films - a message. The message in this case is that that engineering colleges should not be factories producing fodder for companies but encourage scientific thinking and individuality. We had Aamir Khan looking hot despite being twice the age of an average college student helping birth a child with a vaccum cleaner.
When I say I like Bollywood movies for the joy, I don’t mean it condescendingly. Discrepancies in plot,unrealistic situations where a student speaks of a professor as a rapist and a minister as a (rapee) in a school function and doesn’t end up expelled aside, I love this movie because it is funny. And I think it captures Indian boys of that age quite charmingly.
( As you probably figured this is not even pretending to be a review of the movie) . 

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