Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flash tales from work

Of pampered truths and corporate fancies.

‘’Okay, Congress says that we were involved in 2002.Okay.We say that Congress was involved in 1984’’
Nanu Vanani, a BJP MLA in Surat tells me.Some horrific truths are known, dressed up, hushed up,pampered and allowed to endure the dusty transcripts of law and Good.

Godhra 2002 is one of them.

Blue Frog Ghatkkopar Gay bombay ballot
My job involves pandering to rich people,occasionally I befriend them and find that corporate Bombay, which pretty much means most of corporate India’s richest and most influential people
Admires Narendra Modi for this autocratic effeciency, for the smooth paths he paves for industry,

I sometimes feel the liberal progressive India is only accessible to the elites.
The other day I attended this session with Meera Sanyal at Blue Frog.Blue Frog is a very yadayada rich urban space
She had come to agree that loving relationships don’t need the sanction of law.And gay men – lower class, corporate class, middle class clapped as did the few women present there amongst the drums and the seating that requires a minumum billing of 10,000 Rupees during busier hours

She was addressing the LGBT community and acknowledged that she may never become a politician and that the media called her a malabar hill memsahib.

Maybe she doesn’t have exposure but it feels good that there is some politician who acknowledges the realities of people like me

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