Sunday, May 24, 2009

The capitalist fashist genes

I am the sort of vulnerable person who gives in to conspiracy theories when the world seems to be more orderly than it should.

Is Bush really that dumb or did he put on a sweet Texan uncle act and pull down the twin towers, only to assure Americans that he will protect them from terror by declaring war against it.

If Americans can’t point out where Iraq is on a map, they aren’t going to ponder about where the tangible terrain of terror is on it, after all.

But before you, the gentle, fashionable reader loses interest, I will attempt writing about fashion.

Fashion ,like everything else is an industry meant to fuel all those words that financial dailies use and I am supposed to know-fuel domestic consumption make people buy things theyll never need .

Thanks to a huge fake industry and my ‘chinkyish’ figure, I can easily replicate looks suggested by the vogue magazine for really cheap with cheap Chinese clothes if I am not lazy.
Now , remember the time skinny jeans arrived in India. It was first worn by the rich, then the mid priced brands got it, then I went to new York to get my dream pair.
I even saw women at the Nepal – China border wrap many many skinny jeans around themselves and wear clothes over and smuggle jeans to the other side.

Now every girl worth her girlness on the local from churchgate to Andheri is in skinny jeans.

Some women have it from Guess, some have yellow sunflowers embroidered on the bottom,

Both pairs have an equal chance of costing above five thousand bucks irrespective of the class or aesthetic sensibility of the bum that owns the pair.
Time then to start another round of domestic consumption

Flares,Boyfriend jeans ,wide leg jeans are back.
Now, all the South Bombay/Delhi people (who else in India can afford that shit) buy the most expensive avatars of these jeans..till they get cheaper and millions of pairs are sold and these fashion capitalist fuckers think of introducing something else.
If fashion didn't keep changing, people would lose reason to buy new clothes so often.

Thank god I saved my pair from 2004.

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Chris said...

A very small amount of knowledge is extremely dangerous in the hands of a journalist.