Saturday, September 30, 2006

WHEN I've had ENOUGH sleep ....

isn't it the best feeling in the world to go to sleep after reading a book a true book..not some thing remotely connected to education!
and then to wake up in the morning when i want to.
Not forcing myself out of bed with coffee shots and dazing myself through a million things each day. THAT's why i deserve to bunk college today . and do all these deleciously velaaaaaaaaa things like waste my time on orkut.

I found a friend who I knew in primary school!! wow! we were besttt friends then. We had sleepovers and picnics and played all these dream childhood games !
We went to farmhouses and learnt karate. (I have a blue belt in karate but I don't know what it means anymore) .We went to watch hum aapke hain kaun , a bunch of unaccompanied kids and felt very cool about it. In the pre multiplex era in some sidey theatre , that too. There was a whole gang but I only found one on orkut.Make that two actually. The other one joined my new school and have more or less kept track of her.

I found some others who remember vaguely as well. When I went to boarding school I completely lost touch with everyone and here they all are , gown up and living their lives all over the world . What did I expect? For them to be short and thin with baby voices , ready to run out after the lunch bell rang?
For a rootless nomad like me , it's even nicer to find someone who has the same memories as me. I sometimes think my memories are only mine and they were made in places I am unlikely to ever go back again. It's funny how nice it is to look at the past and the relevance it has to your present. What can i possibly have in common with these people though after seperate lives in different schools , colleges, cities , countries? Just that we knew each other in the first few years of our lives , I guess and that's nice , ain't it?


Ruchika said...

Very nice actually... so true what you said about being a rootless nomad.. thats the way I feel too sometimes.. and I've just joined Orkut this last week, and I also feel the same way about bumping into old friends.. we were not close enough to keep in touch through the years, but we did share memories of school days etc, and thats nice to share and relive some of them... we're not left with much to say once the 'catching up' is over with, but what the hell!

moonstruck said...

I have arrived. Hehe.

jerry said...

Its a very cool feeling, honestly. but what's better is, and as you pointed out, reading a brilliant book before sleeping. Its quite brilliant...cheers!