Monday, September 04, 2006

Six o clock on a fresh new Monday morning with the promises of turning over a new leaf ...(in RJVOICE)

Wake up at five thirty to make sense of financials that I got my dad to do for me so I appear slightly intelligent in front of teacher.

Go to french class, all the way know that the metre is fast and consciously tell myself it's more important to enjoy the morning air, the empty roads, the green trees

but scream my nostrils off at the auto drive
and make myself sound like a martyr saying I didn't want to fight 'subah subah'.

Discover there is NO french class and nobody's been told.

Come back with auto fight routine and get bizzare mails such as this.

itz tru i dnt kno u bt i feel tht every beauty n sexy feature f ppl shud b told n thts me thts y my frnds call me hash!!!!!!!! wanna b frnds???????
dnt say no or else ill go on d top f forum buildin n thro a paper as if throin a memory frm d top..... i m waitin 4 a reply

Ho Ho merry christmas!!


Prasoon said...

Monday bles - as called in the s/w industry which almost everyone suffers from.
well, well - what else can orkut offer a girl i wonder - have heard from many friends about these long message u people recieve..
the only solution which many resort to is to remove their pics from album which atleast reduces such 'requests' !!

Ruchika said...

Oh my God.. its like the case of "will you be my friendship?"!! hehehehe..

Yeah, the auto thing rings a bell.. Delhi and Madras autowallas are probably the worst!!

Turning a new leaf.. wow, I havent even contemplated that in a long time!

Y? said...

@prasoon: ya its quite strange i ve put only psuedo abstract pictures which means my pic is actually not even there!!
@ruchika : bangalore is equally bad! i contemplate it every monday morning haha which reveals the short livedness of my lofty resolutions!!!:)