Sunday, August 20, 2006

old friends..

It's so nice to meet old friends after years and pick up just from where you left off.K , my friend from school who lives in Kenya came down and I met her just for a bit .frst time since school. Just for a bit because of my uncharecteristically busy schedule these days..
Anyhow, ya the thing with old friends is you don't know what to expect. They might come back looking completely different with the usual differences - accents, straightened hair, tatoos ,whatever ..but either they are essentially the same and you are chattin away like you don't have drastically different lives.
or you are all awkward and your desperately digging up memories to make conversation. Fortunately for me its mostly been the former and that is nice, no?

Anyhow , I seem to have lost my ID card again ...and the RED TAPE involved to get another one is headachy..for a non proactive fool like me..


satyajit said...

Meeting old friends after a long time can involve lot of sheepish smiles esp. when they recount all the funny, embarassing stuff from school, college. Those memories r so precious..

but sometimes carrying a conversation can be such a strain..u dont know how he's like and vice-versa..and then u exchange phone nos never to call again for a few more yrs at least

and yamini, good luck with RED TAPE!

Ruchika said...

I think it depends on how close you were when you were together initially! But not always! Like i met an old classmate (not a frd in those days) after like 8 or 9 yrs... we were so busy updating each other about our lives, that we didnt have to think of conversation.. and then when THAT finished, we exchanged the customary phone nums/email adds, wrote once in a while and got back to the same old routine.. my best frd from school on the other hand.. i havent even met her in yrs, and if i ever will, we'll probably be awkward coz we've changed too much! but its still refreshing anyways!

Jeet said...

i wish i could meet some old friends and ponder into the innocence, or the lackof, we shared.

ahh the memories

Y? said...

@ satyajit: ya! how i dread the embarrassing things all the same tape well no i cant!

@ ruchika: Ya i know! you can never really say who you'll end up being in touch with. Some of the people who i wasnt so close to in school wound up in bangalore and we're really good friends now but am hardly in touch with whoever i was close to then so ..! bu ti also think that generally you build closer relationships in boarding school
@ jeet: :) the innocence ! yeah!! you totally remember that when you meet friends you met when you used to play with as kids. but playing isnt even a word now for sedentary slothy me :)

Vogon Interpreter!! said...

talking about meeting old friends...
was reminded of O Henry's "After Twenty Years"...
from my school days when i read ure post... :)
and yes also a whole lot of friends i have met on orkut after several years..and yet anxious to meet them in person... cant wait to get back home.. and see how each one is now.. !!

zoxcleb said...

meting old friends is always great... i just did it a few days ago here in pitts... met a school friend for the first time since class 10.. nearly 8 years ago... (damn i'm old!)

Y? said...

@ z: ya meeting friends after that long in a different situtaion is lovely ..also coz you are reminded of how you used to be..
@vogon: Ya despite orkut being one shit fraaaainship request place, it's awesome how you can get in touch with people you haven't seen in years.