Thursday, October 27, 2005

the rapist,the suicide bomber,the drunken wife beater

I always try to look from the point of view of the rapist,the suicide bomber,the drunken wife beater an I begin to analyze why peole would retort to such things. And when one looks at possible childhood experiences and the evolution of a severe identity crisis,how the neurotransmitters have been conditioned to go out of control, I understand the situation better.This makes it impossible , almost, to find any solution. The world to me is a subjective mess.(Depends on how you look at it,There's no black and white,On one hand...On the other hand). Man!The shades of grey are fatally dizzying. Worse than the fact that my spaced self is part of a category that someone has bothered to create.Post-Modernist. Imagine there a word for this spacedness that the air of today's world seems to have instigated. I and my spaced out buddies with whom I sometimes spend late nights typing messages about pointless issues.(Pointless coz in this relegion,there's no absolute truth anyway).. Feminist, I surely am.Won't bore you with the proof. So does that make me a Post-modernist,feminist,cynical weirdo??

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