Saturday, October 08, 2005


I am off to Delhi later an dthen Dharmshala in himachal pradesh. Before that I have 80 billion tons of work and NDTV is scaring me now with its reports of earthquakes in North India.And I hate to admit it but the overromantic ,impractical me is scared.
Sheesh I better say something extra cool to neutralize that statement.
I mean I actually get to be in the Himalayas(my favouritest area on earth aside from Rishi valley and whichever home i've made house in) .I don't need to go to yellow walled classrooms and say 'PRRRRRRREEESSENT' everytime 66 is called out suspend my mind in a cobweb farm type limbo till it's called out again.(66) ,I mean.
for one week atleast.
I think being scared is a part of growing up and becoming so practical. yuck so dowdy i feel like thsoe loose sack shaped salwar kameeezes.Besides youth is not about but the absence of fear or some cliched proverb type thing said.Man , this language usage must be getting to ya good night and I hope I have an awesome safe trip.(Also saw this awesomely creative play by Pawan Kumar called 'Honey,Let's break up'

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