Friday, September 10, 2010


C is always complaining about the absence of Swiss perfection in India.(Understandably.) The more I think about it, the more I realise that India can never compete in the most basic things.

Just for instance, the whole process of house hunting.It turned out that I found a house. The landlord agreed to rent it to us, we met him on two occasions (please take into account the time , the auto fare, the office hours off) and finally on a third to pay the token amount and move in!. At this point, he tells us that we cannot move in because the house will take 20 days to be ready.By this point,I have moved out of my previous house and am homeless in the big bad city. Thanks to Sou's generous generous hospitality though, I managed. Who backs out last minute? What about professionalism? How can you completely disregard your customers/tenants situation.

It's got , in this case , to do with power games.If I own this place, I can order everyone around.I love Delhi for many reasons but what I hate it most for is this sense of entitlement some people have.You can see a stark difference of tone when they talk to their servants and their guests. I really think the mark of a person's character is in his behavior towards people supposedly "inferior" to him. You have to respect people, no matter what their class is right?You cannot scream at someone twenty years older than you for no reason at all apart from your feudal inherited sense of entitlement.

It is an already understood fact that getting an internet, a gas connection will involve hours of red tape.
But who has the time?It's unfortunate that we have to run our own lives behind schedule because people can't be professional because we really have better things to do than spend 5 days getting a gas connection , right?

I am dying of dizzy fainting syndrome now for instance, because I haven't eaten in 24 hours. I ordered food two hours ago and it isn't here even though I called this person three times in between.

Then what's even worse is when people commit to you because they are afraid of disappointing you. 
But I'd rather be dissapointed than wait hours at some place expecting someone to turn up.I could have met a friend for a drink in that time, filed a story,cleaned my wardrobe,repaired my camera,read my book something.

Where else can people get away with this.I know this is a rant but I am sick of flakiness, the inability to carry out anything with some sense of commitment and responsibility. the bureaucracy,complacency and how my life is constantly on hold because I am waiting. 

It is really uncharacteristic of me to write like this but I am just angry.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad for the landlord not to have such a sultry and sexy babe as you :-)