Thursday, August 19, 2010

Conspiracy Morning

List of possible conspiracy theories.
1)The piece was paid for by the government. (The Public Health Foundation of India is also represented by government officials)
2)The superbug was invented by these firangs who are threatened by the potential of medical tourism in India- no takers for Western specialty health care by 2020. Stuff of their nightmares but given the rat population in our average hospital, I can hardly imagine Sweden coming down to get their eyes largened or their bum cut and replaced.
3)Devi Shetty in article two is alarmed by the potential loss of revenue this could mean and is doing all that he can to say that he "sees a change in the way some companies perceive research."They use it as a means to "maximize profits."He thinks it should be about "alleviating suffering."

I most positively believe that the Swine Flu was over marketed and almost made up. Compare H1N1 global death tolls to number of people who die of hunger each day. 

These pharma companies should find something else to do . Sell Teddy Bears maybe. 

The point of this post actually was to illustrate my bad doubting mind. 

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