Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well, I don't know where to start. I am sitting here and all around me my house of about two years (incidentally, the longest I've ever lived in one place in remembarable memory) is in a mess. I am moving houses. I am feeling scattered , slightly scared about what I am going to be doing after i graduate in a few months. I have just been living in a daze partying too much, sleeping too little and not thinking .
That's fun but I want to shake myself up and figure out. I wish it was like school where after 7th std , you just go to 8th. I actually don't wish that.

I feel sad that whenever I settle down I suddenly pack up , tear all ties and leave. Again, I get bored of things easily, even places so I guess it's OK. Apart from my boarding school I don't think I felt a sense of belonging to any place than this little part of Jayanagar in Bangalore. Where I know all the auto drivers and they know I have french at 7 AM and have to go to Lalbagh Double Road Gate to be picked up by a friend at 7pm and college at 8:52, hurry up I need the 9AM attendance. I can take back change for five hundred bucks later from them. Where I can run to shoppers stop and pick up a sweater before a trip, and maggi noodles for dinner down the road. Where I can find my way back perfectly even if a tad too tipsy at 11:30 . I'll now have to start over with my new house and of course from wherever the hell I am going to go next year.

Oh and also..
Third month no smoking mark

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satyajit said...

hey, where you off to now? but after your exams i guess..

hows not smoking? congrats! but tell me if it has been tough..