Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Marketing Strategies for elections-Unit 1

An election ,like everything else that involves power and money and people needs some sort of marketing strategy.
It needs to recognize a target audience and their needs.
What young girls in Tamil Nadu need more than education , health facilities and a status equal to that of their brothers is gold.
Promise to give all unmarried girls four grams of gold.
Girls must be a burden to the grandparents , parents and brothers so , yes the whole population is targeted.
With the gold prices increasing it is so hard to accumulate a dowry. Thank God ,the government is so compassionate.

Now that the target audience has been dealt with.
Think about the enemy, the fellow contestor . Buy a bit of media and trash him on it as much as you want.
If there is any unwanted news ,dispose it in favour of more important news, advertising all the goodies that people will get when they vote for you.
After all ,your enemy is doing the same.


tanvi said...

From rice to gold. god! I wish elections went on throught the year. Alteast the people will get some free goodies from these good for nothing politicians. So much for democracy.
I am planning to visit tamil nadu and get a voter ID it won't be difficult if the payment is right. I don't mind getting some freebies for myself :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Yours is too cool.

tanvi said...

And ya gotta say this I love the photographs :-)

DK said...

While one part of me wants to participate in the parody, the other (cynical) part of me feels despaired at the shameless vote bank politics that is being resorted to generate a mandate (which is potentially going to be fractured) after which the tussle to retain the power will continue.
The real issue of 'governing' poeple is sacrificed at the altar of this unnecesary dirty dramatics.

whoever said with great power comes great responsibilites hadnt been a close witness to the indian polity.

Y? said...

@ Tanvi- Thanks Tanvi. Your blog is awesome too.:) You won't actually end up getting these 'freebies'!! lol!
And my pics are way too random.

@Divya: Couldn't agree with you more. It really is so disillusioning.