Thursday, April 27, 2006

of cats and mishti and other work rants

Am sitting at work and contemplating how different work is from college. I mean I have spent the past seventeen years sitting in class rooms listening to teachers!
Been doing some very *rewarding* assignments.
Went to cover the karaoke night at Opus which was quite fun! I love Opus. . We(A and I ) were acting polite and well mannered and had only one drink each . Cranberry breezer. We should really have been more opportunistic, the last time I went there I spent like eight lakh bucks !

Now ,Mr. Das of the K..C Das fame has eighty five cats. We went to do a story on them.
I generally don't like cats but these were adorable. They had names like Shivaji , Dadabhai( who was one aggressive ,attitudey cat I tell ya) and Leo .
There is a terrace with lots and lots and lots of cats. Two kittens were just two days old and hadn’t opened their eyes. They were as small as the palms of my hand . It is unbelievable to think that those predator like elegant older ones began like this.
That whole wonder at Life feeling overwhelmed me.
One ginger cat was extremely curious about the camera and kept following it and yet was petrified of it at the same time. :D
Would the cats, when left alone, bitch about these garish intruders of personal space in cat language, I wondered? Now, I really did wonder so..

Oh god I am thinking I am looooooovvving animals.:)
We interviewed the vet also. When I was young, okay, a child, I was dead serious about becoming a vet.

Mr Das is a quiet, regal man, dressed in starched white. The caretaker says he himself gets bugged with the cats and ‘screams at them sometimes’ but Mr. Das loooooves his cats and they love him back.

And he fed us lots of sweets. We left and they called us back and gave us some to take back home. Wow, very nice no?
And we were of course highly excited .
I could live on bong sweets!!!!! Yummmmm ..

Now then what else do I write about?
Ya sorry ..Call…so someone from HDFC calls and I act hep and put on my disgusting pseudo professional accent and say:

'Hello ...yes. .blah news.. How can I help you? Who do you want to talk to?’

She thinks for a while and says
‘It is you madam, are you interested in loans?’

Yeah right, I need money to holiday in the Scandinavian lowlands.

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