Friday, August 05, 2005

'Comfortably numb??"

How long will I go on with this aimlessness.. I miss the freshness of childhood. I miss not knowing the realities of the world and hence believing in it.Idealism is fading. I Wonder how people after knowing the nastiness, the filth that has choked up people's minds still go on living, believing and fighting. After knowing the universe's indifference to mankind, it's calculations and patterns of what is to us oscillating heart tugging emotions, fight. Fight against war, rape, cruelty. are these things supposed to happen as written in the victim's karma or cosmic chart by some randomly calculated calculations to suit the need of the universe?
What is the meaning of life?
I though all these saffron sporting Caucasians who came from far away lands to India to find out were mad. Then I was happy taking school girl trips and studying for exams.Now I know how nagging, haunting these questions are.I just sometimes feel so so uncomfortably numb.

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